Importance of an online degree in Law

Law is one such field which has been respected by one and all not only today but from time immemorial. It is believed to be one of the most important genres which will aid in the development of a nation, and probably the whole world.

IELTS Task example: 2 essay written by an IELTS instructor

Have you ever wondered what a perfect band 9 IELTS essay looks like?  Click here to see a model Task 2 IELTS essay written by a renown IELTS instructor in response to a REAL IELTS essay question.

How to adapt to British Culture – from eHOW

One of the most popular article is the Stereotypes about British Culture – how true they are?. One can argue they are true or not experiences decide. I found an interesting article about British stereotypes from an American point of view. For example “be prepared for smaller places” etc. The article written by eHOW.
Just like [...]

Why you should first fail the IELTS – an overview of the best study strategy

Look. If you are seriously interested about studying in Australia, the UK or Canada you need to score high in the IELTS……the secret to scoring high and achieving a band 7,8 or 9 is your preparation.
And that’s why I decided to interview ex-IELTS examiner, experienced tutors and even confidence and pronunciation experts.

How to Learn a New Language Faster During Your Study Abroad Trip

One of the primary reasons most students choose to study abroad is to familiarize themselves with the customs, culture, and language of the country in which they are studying. Customs and cultural practices may seem foreign, but they are generally exciting, and are fun ways to involve yourself in a new country. Learning a new [...]

Tips and Tricks

Laundry Money Saving Tips for Students Abroad

 Laundry. One of the dreaded chores of any college student, but not something that deserves the amount of attention most people give it, which is very little indeed.

Study Abroad 101: Make Your Dorm Room Seem More Like Home

Although in most cases dorm rooms are not something we think of as home, we can go a step further in making it seem more like it than you would imagine.

Tips for International Students Moving To the UK

Most international students aiming to live in the UK and study there often underestimate the fact that there are some major differences to deal with, compared to their country of origin.

5 Worthy Part-Time Jobs while Studying Abroad

 Studying abroad can be expensive. If you’re planning to do it, you may be wondering if you need to find a part time job in the new area to pay for your added expenses.

Student packing essentials

Regardless of the length of your trip abroad, you should know that packing is an essential step of your stay.

Study Abroad

What to Know About Living Abroad

Are you a person who is sick and tired of almost everything in your country? You already hate the silly laws of your country, your job with the same routine, the same dull life.

Improving Your Future Prospects With Travel

If you’re going to travel, you want to put criticism to rest and actually learn something.

Top 5 Tips to Finding your Perfect Student Home

If you have found your place in a university or college, then you need to organized yourself quickly, since you will likely be moving to a new town or city where you’ll start from scratch.

Mom, Dad and Study Abroad (How to Convince Your Parents)

You’ve wanted to study abroad for a while now, and the time has finally come to talk to your parents about it. Unfortunately, they aren’t quite as excited as you are, and are putting up some resistance to the idea.

5 Ways You Can Start Working on Your Career While Still Studying

Getting an education is a major step on the road to success, but savvy students know all too well that getting a job in their chosen career path takes more than just graduating from college.

Student Life

Culture Shock: A Guide to Moving Abroad

If you have to move overseas or to a country with a culture that is significantly different from yours, however you will need to adapt to many new things you may not be used to.

Study Abroad in Tanzania

If you’re thirsting for adventure, a study abroad experience in Tanzania may be the perfect opportunity to whet your appetite. Whether you study ecology or sociology, numerous study abroad programs in Tanzania can support your educational needs. Before committing to a term abroad, make sure you thoroughly explore your options and ensure that you have [...]

Role of Social Networks in Learning a Foreign Language

Social networks are very commonplace in today’s modern revolutionary world. There has been a global increase in the use of social networking sites to create social groups who share interests.

Top 10 Places to Study Abroad for the Rock Climber

Rock climbing often attracts daredevils, but it’s not just the risk factor that’s appealing. Many avid rock climbers enjoy the challenge of conquering these natural formations, and while they maintain excellent physical fitness they also get to enjoy the natural beauty of the wilderness—and the solitude and peace of venturing to remote parts of the [...]

Studying Abroad in China: Cultural Practices to Know Before You Go

Planning on studying abroad in China? The country is beautiful and full of educational opportunities and cultural diversity. There’s a lot to see and do, and a little bit to learn before you board your plane.

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Life After Study Abroad – Now What?

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You got to study abroad, and had the time of your life when you were doing so. While the memories might still be fresh in your mind, have you considered what you are going to do next?

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Funding the Hidden Costs of Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad can be a wonderful experience for any student, as it opens you up to a lot of culture and things you wouldn’t normally see. While it’s certainly worth it to take advantage of an opportunity to travel abroad, how will you afford it?

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Guest Post: Study abroad and security issues

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Introduction: There are many students among us who are very passionate and deeply intent on going abroad for future studies, to learn new cultures, languages and lifestyles, outside of our own.

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