Why do we want to study abroad?

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For me studying abroad (UK) was an accident if I can say that. I moved there first because wanted to polish my English and earn some money to my “around the world” travel. But 2 years later ended up in a 1 year master course (MBA). That was my girlfriend influence but I never regret it (even the price is quite painful – I funded myself). The realization of how important could be study in UK for some students just came after few months. Actually I was the only European in the class. The majority of the class was from India, Pakistan, 1 girl from Sri Lanka , 1 girl from Vietnam, 1 guy from Libya, 1 guy from Nigeria and finally me from Hungary. For us Europeans (I guess) study in UK for example not a big deal. However our education system was different (many EU countries just applied the Bologna system few years ago) the level always considered equal. Only those study in UK who got scholarship or live in UK anyway. After I got know my fellow classmates became clear how different their view about it. Almost all of them considered UK degree better then their home country degree and almost all agreed they have a better chance to get good job with UK degree. Some of them just wanted to be away from their country for a while and have fun. Others attracted of 2 years work permit after finish. Specially those who toke a serious study loan. The line of reasons very long.

So we can say (based on my experience) most of the students choose get a degree in UK, US etc.. because:

1., Scholarship (academic or corporate)
2., Foreign degree considered better than home
3., Better job prospects
4., Just get away from home!
5., Simply I can afford
6., I want the academic knowledge
7., Need a MA/MBA/PhD to step up in the carrier ladder
8,. other…

Although I did my research on this area. For my thesis I choose to analyze a certain student group, why they want to study in UK in a certain institution. I got answers , did the job got good result from my supervisor.. But somehow I think there is more under the surface.

So you out there if read this and have opinion , experience you want to share please go on! I really want to turn this blog to a conversation through the comments.

What was your main reason?
Why UK, US, etc?
Did you considered more about the location or the course?
How about the fame of the university (like ranking table), is it that important?
Price? Work?

ps: I am not an expert blogger so bare with me ๐Ÿ™‚ There you go the first real post , hope somebody will read it hehe.


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