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| 10/03/2010 | 2 Comments

We are just about to start! What is this blog about? I am an international student in UK.  I spent my first 2 years with only working and polish my English and the last year I completed my Masters. That is enough about me. I want to share all my experiences and not just share but I want others to share theirs too! Like how feel here compare to our home country. What’s are the best or the worse compare to home. It can be anything , food, weather, people, university , teachers. No need to be in UK. Students welcome anywhere from the world, but should be studying abroad though.

Also I want to write some articles about how to survive the student life. Not everyone’s parents can support and let us just study. Many of us working part time sometimes full time.

There are some tricks how to save money and make some income for example online surveys and stuff. I tried a lot. I will discuss all the possibilities.

We also can share informations about workplaces , tips where to go to find a job and stuff.

What is more important. This is not a personal blog of me. Authors who would like to share their experiences more than welcome. Anyway I will keep posting what is in my mind and let’s see how is it goes.


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