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Very useful article from Lingojob Blog about what you should keep in mind before moving abroad. Most of us focusing on what to pack, where to live, find nearby accommodation to your university, organize goodbye parties and so on. This very nice well structured article below focusing on how to prepare yourself before moving abroad to work. However there is no much difference when you move abroad to work or study abroad for a few years. Read and enjoy!

When you make the decision to take a job abroad, there are many things you need to prepare for. Naturally, you will tend to focus on packing your belongings, shipping your belongings, saying goodbye to friends and family, and maybe wonder you’re your new job will be like. That’s all well-and-good, however, failing to create a foundation for your personal, professional, and social success after relocating could quickly lead you to feel isolated, lonely, even depressed, and wanting to return home as quickly as possible.

In order to avoid being homesick, and possibly depressed, here are the basic elements you need to focus on, outside the packing and moving logistics, to create a life you love, and learn to feel at home wherever in the world you may be:

Get in touch with your pre-formed judgments and expectations. It’s natural to have dreams, and ideals of how your experience will turn out, where you might live, what the people will be like, what foods you’ll eat, etc. Many relocations fail on this point alone because the truth is, reality is almost never like you expect it to be. By getting in touch with your expectations and judgments, you can become aware of your core needs and thereby figure out how to meet them in a different way than you are now.

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