iPhone 4 survival kit for students

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The new iPhone 4 is coming. If you are going to study abroad in UK very likely going to get one. (Maybe have one already from home). Students  love it too. Frankly, even if you are a student, it is pretty easy to get one in UK. Quite easy to get one with a contract (for example here mobiles.co.uk) or even can buy one for cash but it is is could be pricey. OK, lets assume you have one. Do you want to use it to help your study? No, it will not write your essay or exam but with many great free and non-free application able to help you out. There are tremendous amount of applications to help organise yourself,  taking notes and using dictionaries etc.

Now everyone is talking about the new iPhone 4 time to highlight a few really useful application for students. Many websites, tech bloggers and authors built a list about those applications. I will try to find the most useful ones. If you think any good stuff, missing feel free to add them. I will not rank them just try to give a good list.

Evernote (Free)

This free application supports text, photo and voice notes what you can synchronize to an online account as well as Mac and Pc versions of the application. In this way, you can access them everywhere. It has few nice features like Twitter integration and geo-location.



Instead of typing on your phone , this application allows you to draw them on the screen to write notes.

Wikipedia (Free)

Must have app. The mobile application provides on the go, mobile optimized access to Wikipedia articles. Obviously the Wikipedia should not be a basis of any academic research but it is a good starting point. By the way during my coursework I found it quite handy to find books from the referencing parts.

Dictionary.com (Free)

Invaluable application for students. Especially if your mother tongue is not English (like me) and time to time need help to find a right word for academic work. Even if you passed your IELTS, TOEFL or TOIEC exam believe me when you start for example your master course you will be surprised sometimes. I was 😀

This application also provides full access to Thesaurus, which is also extremely handy during your coursework and such. (Not to mention necessary paraphrasing.)

myHomework (Free)

The application helps students to stay organised by creating a calendar of assignments, papers and when they are due. The app uses colour codes so you will now which one is coming or late already. The simple is that but could be a big help for busy students.

Facebook (Free)

Well, it is not exactly the application to help your study rather divert your attention during class or homework. Probably this application will be the first you get. Everyone using it anyway so at least you can be touch your classmates even for some teamwork or quick exchange. might be handy when have to do projects in groups.

Google Calendar (Free)

Probably no need to introduce much. Light easy to use loaded with features. Personally, my favourite To Do application with many features, text reminder and so on.

Anything I missed or you just want to add your personal favourite feel free to do it.


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