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One of the questions before travel abroad for a longer term is: What to pack? Depending on your circumstances like you study abroad a year /semester or travel around a lot. Obviously if you are going to spend your time in one city in UK need different plan like someone else who travelling around Europe. There are many tips and tricks how to pack what to bring with yourself. I searched a little bit around and decided instead of create my own list better collect the best advices in one place. The articles and list contain lists what to (and what should not) pack. The size is greatly depends on your travel method too. In addition, airlines are having different weight restrictions so it is really matters if the limit is 40kg or 20kg. If your travel about backpacking around Europe and want to use low cost airlines you have to know they weight policies even worse. When you check the ticket prices online usually, the luggage fee is not included. When planning study abroad UK I would not recommend pack too much clothes. In that case you are on an extremely tight budget might want to bring more. As I mentioned in previous post clothes are quite cheap in UK. Moreover, if you planning to buy a new laptop better check out UK retail prices, there are a lot of good deal out there. Also, check out the gadget list for students I recommend. If you are travelling from Hong Kong, China or Taiwan possibly can buy the stuff for the fragile of the UK price.

General advices before start:

Do not leave it for a last minute
Make a plan in time what you want to bring along.
Make a list, later you can modify add or remove items.
Check the weight restrictions of your chosen airline.
Try to eliminate things you can buy in your destination anyway (beauty products etc.)
Make sure you have all the documents (Passport+VISA, letters.) + photocopy of them just in case.
The most important and expensive things (documents, money, mp3 player, phone, laptop) should be carried with you in the hand luggage.

Blogs, articles worth to check out:

The Study Abroad Blog’s packing list for study abroad a year
Great study abroad and travel blog from Neil an American student who spent 1 year in Scotland. He made a complete “2 suitcase” list with possibly all the things you may need. In my opinion few stuff is unnecessary like too much clothes (1-2 jeans should be enough instead of three). Toiletries listed in his post absolute unnecessary extra  weight. What you need is toothbrush, razor, nail clipper and make up for girls. Anything else you can buy anywhere (c’mon why should I carry for example from Thailand soap and shower gel?) unless you want to stick to a certain brand you can not buy elsewhere. The rest of the list is quite good I think.

MatadorAbroad’s “How to pack for a semester” guide
Their article focuses on students who want to travel light and maybe backpacking around a bit. Quite short list only the necessary things. They highlight not to bring laptop with you, but I think a light netbook still can squeeze in the list.

More articles, blog posts about packing for study abroad:

Student Traveller



eHow’s “How to”

DiversityAbroad’s tips and tricks

Short video guides:

How to pack a suitcase Part 1

How to pack a suitcase Part 2

How to pack a backpack in the most efficient way (for travel in Europe), Part 2

How to pack a backpack in the most efficient way (for girls), Part 2

Hope this post helped to pack smarter

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