Is gap year means wasting your youth?

| 08/09/2010 | 8 Comments

picture source: never had a “gap year” and I always felt a little bit envy about those students who did it. In my mind gap year means take a year off to rethink your future, maybe earn some money for future expenses, travel around a world with backpacks and so on. I red a very interesting article recently about the phenomena of the gap year likely to become wild partying , drugs, drinking you name it. Read it and from your opinion what do you think about it.

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Gap years: Wasted youth?

Ever wondered what students really get up to on their gap years? A report from the Full Moon Party in Thailand

Up and down the beach, young western men are unzipping their shorts and peeing into the Gulf of Thailand. Behind them, under the light of the full moon, thousands more shirtless, shoeless Europeans are massed outside 14 beachside bars, their knees bending awkwardly to a soundtrack of the Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber and generic drum’n’bass. And squeezed between the bars and the crowds are 35 wooden stalls, each selling plastic buckets filled with a litre’s worth of vodka and Red Bull. The stalls are daubed with deeply dubious slogans, ranging from the lurid to the the moronic. “No Bucket No Boom Boom”, “Fuck My Buckets”, “Everybody Fuck My Strong Buckets” – that kind of thing.

Welcome to the Full Moon Party, the largest beach rave in the world. Twenty-five years ago, this was a little-known hippy hang-out on the remote Thai island of Koh Phangan. Today, frequented every month by between 10,000 and 30,000 European youngsters, the all-night party is the ultimate destination on south-east Asia’s “banana pancake” trail; a mecca for footloose gap-year tourists. This party scene, right here on this beach, is arguably the epitome, the pinnacle, of the modern gap-year experience.

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