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Studying in London? Nice London Hostels to Soften your Landing!

Finally you got this excellent opportunity to study abroad and you got the jackpot, London. With its famous universities, London is a great place to start your education but also an expensive place.

Before you head to London you should try to learn how to save some money, since the student budget is always low, no matter how much money your parents send you and you should figure out where to stay during those few nights until you find your own apartment or go to the university dormitory.

London hostels are scattered all around the city and you can always find something extra cheap, you just need to know where to look. Have some fun in dorm rooms of the hostels and meet great people while staying there. There are always private rooms but they are slightly more expensive, dough still cheaper than middle range London hotels.

For example, The Royal Bayswater Hostel is just next to the Hyde Park and dorm rooms are amazingly 9€ per night per bed. This hostel has nice ratings and guests say that it is clean and comfortable. If you like more to be around museums and beautiful Regents Park, Hostel Phoenix is just a walk from Madame Tussaud’s and London Zoo.

The famous shopping area of Camden is also walk away and you can do some shopping before you hit the books. Don’t worry, you will have enough money on your hands since this hostel is just 9€ per night. If you are more up for stylish, modern hostel, check out Clink261. This hostel is located in the heart of London, just minutes away from British Museum, Bloomsbury and Camden Market, Covent Garden or just strolls away from the shining lights of Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. For just 12€ you will get comfortable bed in dorm room, excellent facilities and large lounge area where you can spend some time chatting with your future friends travelers.

For some extra fun you can always decide to stay in Clink78. This former Courthouse has quite a history and you can sleep in actual police cells. This is the place where The Clash band went on trial and the building itself is more than 200 years old. Hostel is always full with cheerful travelers so be sure to book on time. When you start studying, staying in a London Hostel is not a smart idea, there is too much party going around. So, just use your shoot before you dive into university life.


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