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Have you ever wondered what a perfect band 9 IELTS essay looks like?  Click here to see a model Task 2 IELTS essay written by a renown IELTS instructor in response to a REAL IELTS essay question.

Some say that people should continue to work in the same job for a lifetime. Others say they should change jobs at least once during their career.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Give your opinion and support it with at least one example from your life..

The vocations people choose to build careers upon vary from one person to another. Equally varied are the opinions people hold about their work and whether it is better to commit themselves to one profession throughout their career or to change their professions several times over the course of their lives. In this essay, it is argued the latter poses more positive points to the individual. This will be proven by looking at how engaging in multiple jobs allows a person to discover their potential and avoid becoming uncreative as a result of boredom due to monotony.

For one, people who diversify their professions throughout their working life are given the chance to find strengths they did not know they had. For example, Larry David, head writer of the popular ‘Seinfeld’ sitcom, drove a limousine for years prior to trying his hand at script writing. Had he not attempted this new career move, he would have never achieved the major success he did, which allowed him to work with top stars in Hollywood. Thus, as this example makes clear, opportunities come to those who attempt different courses of work throughout their lives.

In addition to this, people who change their working circumstances at intervals tend not to become bored with the work they do, and this can help raise the level of innovation within an industry. For instance, I once knew a woman in Shanghai who worked as a manager in clothing design. She told me that part of her recruitment strategy for new staff was to hire people who had worked in several different jobs before arriving at her company. Her reason for doing this was that she found that these sorts of people tended to be much more naturally creative, and this quality was good for the products she made. As this woman’s experience shows, having a varied professional life can contribute positively to industries as a whole.

The above points make clear that individuals who pepper their working life with different professional experiences tend to derive more benefits than those who commit themselves to a single job. Thus, it is hoped that people the world over take strides to follow this vocational plan.

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The following model IELTS essay was written exclusively for Your Study Abroad by Ryan Higgins, an IELTS instructor who runs IELTS Writing Blog. This Task 2 question was seen on the General exam in India in April of 2012. For more model responses like this one and personalized feedback on your writing, visit Ryan’s IELTS Writing Blog at

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