TimeOut Travel Guides: Perfect for the Modern Study Abroad Experience

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In the digital age, most young people are able to connect with peers across the globe, and, more than ever before, they travel abroad for education, work and play, sometimes at a moment’s notice. That’s why a new generation of travelers needs a new type of travel guide. Young people don’t need to make as many lasting plans as their parents did before jetting off on an adventure or for a work or education experience. With everything online, they are able to book transportation and accommodations on the fly, and sometimes prefer doing so.

 There are tons of cool options for students looking for travel guides, but, to me, Time Out guides have long stood out as some of the best for student travelers. They have cut out the jargon and provide local insight into the best places to go, things to eat and sights to see in almost any major city across the world. Written from a local perspective, they give the real lowdown on exactly what type of scene you may get at any given location, so you don’t head out for a relaxed drink only to encounter snobby clientele or elitist bartenders. They also provide information in several different formats, so you can choose what best fits your needs.

 Here are some of the top TimeOut guides to check out before your next departure:

1. Short List Guides

TimeOut’s pocket-sized short list guides are the ultimate take-along for anything from a weekend trip across state to a few days abroad at your destination city or country of choice. These guides pack all the must-have information for any city into a small, sleek booklet that is super easy to carry. The short list guides are kept up to date yearly with the latest events, hot venues, fun itineraries and new things to do while you’re there. The short list guides are meant to be used as quick reference guides for short stays in select cities. They also include color maps with location directories to all the sites referenced throughout the guide. From Amsterdam to Barcelona, don’t take your next weekend away without a TimeOut short list.

2. City Guides

The TimeOut city guides are the comprehensive traveler’s key to major cities across the world. Every guide features a different city, and give the total rundown about where to stay, sights to see, and where to eat drink and party. The guides are written by locals and are broken down into categories that will give you the guidebook basics, such as historical facts and cultural help, and also provide an insider perspective on both the newest things to do and city classics that have stood the test of time. There are sections on the best festivals, films, galleries, gay and lesbian spots, music, nightlife, sports and fitness attractions and activities, theater and dance. They also provide clear maps, sightseeing tips, and a rundown of shops and services, cafes, and restaurants by location, cross indexed by need.

3. Specialist Guides

If you have an obsession that carries across cultures (this is for you, foodies and cinephiles!), then you have to check out the TimeOut specialist guides the next time you travel. Maybe you want to know the insider secrets to the best theatres in Paris or get hints for creating a walking wine tour in Rome; no matter what special activity you love, these guides will have you covered. They include local reviews and frequent updates.

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