Tips to Deal with Homesickness When Studying Abroad in London

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London can be an intimidating city to someone studying abroad for the first time. However, prepare to deal with the occasional bout of homesickness. Although you’re excited and anticipating amazing memories ahead for your semester, homesickness can rear its ugly head from time to time.

Here are some short tips to help acclimate you during your studies abroad:

  1. Surrounded yourself with friends. A good friend or group of friends can help ease the pains of missing those at home. Consider volunteer work or joining a club where you can meet others.
  1. Keep yourself physically active. Studies show a healthy body goes in conjunction with a healthy mind. Try biking, joining a team or a new sport.
  1. Contact family and friends back home via Skype for video chats. The ease of seeing a familiar smile can quickly dissipate worries.
  1. Explore London! London is well known for its amazing museums and architecture. Grab your camera and enjoy the sites.
  1. Try a new language! Perhaps you can ask others where could you take Spanish classes in London?
  1. Most importantly, understand feeling some degree of homesickness is normal. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to a professionally on campus.

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