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Although there are many countries around the world that are well known for different educational universities and colleges, London is the most visited one by students from all over the world.
It is said to be rich with the best and most reputed educational universities, colleges and knowledgeable professors, who are well qualified, experienced and trained enough to understand the mindset of every student. All the good students around the world wish to be blessed with an education that is of a high standard and hence London is everyone’s first preference. Therefore, such students who come from other countries need to find a proper accommodation for themselves that is comfortable as well as affordable, as not every university provides a Hostel facility for them.

Following are the four most useful tips to remember for students who are planning to find an accommodation in London for education:

1) Set your preference:
Many people prefer living alone in a one BHK (Bedroom-Hall-Kitchen) flat as they find their privacy hampered with room partners. Hence, if one has sufficient money to spend on accommodation along with the college fees then one can easily find a suitable flat for himself. However, if one wishes to keep the accommodation wallet friendly, he may have to find room partners or house with room partners. This way, the rent is divided into the number of people staying together in the house and it is one of the safest ways to avoid troubles for someone who is new to the country.

2) Budget:
Every individual has a budget which he can stretch to spend on a particular thing. Therefore, if one can afford an expensive apartment, he is free to do that. However, if one is looking for a cheap and comfortable apartment, he will have to go for the option to live with his room partners.

3) Location:
A student who has traveled all the way from another country by gathering information from the UK border agency contact desk number, may not wish to miss even a single lecture. Therefore, he must find a house which is close to his college so that he can reach his class in time and be back home after a part time job that he may have to do in order to afford his survival in an expensive country like London.

4) Safe:
A true fact is that many women prefer to stay in gay colonies as they find themselves safe there. However, one must take out every sort of an information about the safety of the area where one is planning to find an apartment to stay in. It is also essential to find out if your future room mates have any sort of a criminal record. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Women need to be more careful when it comes to switching to an entire new country, especially if no one is accompanying her. Therefore, it is necessary to gather every possible information about the country, college in which the admission is taken, room partners, surroundings of the apartment and other such details. The girl students prefer living with female roommates but there are apartments where both the male and female students live together to share the burden of the high rent.

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