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A number of students from all over the world plan their studies in Australia every year. The main reason behind their choice is its technologically advanced social environment and the education system of international quality. On the other hand Australia is pone of the most beautiful countries of the world that have friendly, safe and youthful environment for students.

To start your planning for studying in Australia you will have to first of all recognize the field of your studies you want to make your career and progress in. Field of study, level of course, duration of course and the place of study in Australia are some of the crucial points on which you will have to focus before starting your studies in Australia. Agriculture, Accounting, Business and Management, Architecture, Computing and IT, Communications, Dentistry, Creative Arts, Education and Training, Economics, Environmental Studies, Engineering, Humanities and Social Science, Health Services, Mathematics, Law, Nursing, Medicine, Sciences and Psychology are some of the courses offered by most of the undergraduate and post graduate institutions in Australia. You will have to choose one from them suitable for your career. Along with choosing the course you will have to choose the level of the course you want to do and the institution.While searching for educational institutions you should consider that it should have arrangements to provide you education in the registered courses you are interested in. You will be granted visa to study in Australia on full time basis by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australia only for the registered course or part their of. You can also consult Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students to find a suitable course for you.After finding a suitable institution in Australia for your registered courses you will have to apply for admission in it. You will have to obtain an admission form from the institution concerned or an education agent. You will have to provide required information in the form along with the results of IELTS tests and submit it back to the institution or agent. The educational institution will issue you a letter of offer after assessing your application. Now you can apply for educational visa for Australia on the basis of this offer letter.You will have to apply with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australia for your study visa.The requirements needed for your study visa in Australia include your financial arrangements for your traveling, living and education cost during the course. Your health requirements and level English proficiency along with educational qualification are other requirements for your visa. Though there are several other migration issues linked with studying in Australia but they can be resolved easily with the help of a migration consultant. You should find out an experienced consultant in this regard who can competently provide you migration help along with fulfilling all other requirements.

After the acceptance of your application for visa you should start preparing for leaving to Australia for studies. You should make all the arrangements like booking of air ticket, temporary accommodation etc. in advance to avoid eleventh hour harassment in Australia.

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