Laundry Money Saving Tips for Students Abroad

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 Laundry. One of the dreaded chores of any college student, but not something that deserves the amount of attention most people give it, which is very little indeed. For the most part it is a chore that happens to have a decent cost in water, electricity for washers and dryers, detergents and for the most part its not something we believe can be improved to be made cheaper. This doesn’t have to be the case however, as it can indeed be made easier to bear financially:

  • You can do your laundry less often, as it will save up a good deal of money on materials and utilities overall. This probably requires a larger amount of clothes to work with and some of your favorites will be unavailable for wearing if you do, but you will save a good bit of money that way.

  • You should stick to the usual store brand when you do your laundry. Brand detergents are usually more expensive than the other, cheaper store brand alternatives so you may want to rethink your priorities. When you’re buying a name brand detergent you’re paying a bit more as you may have noticed. Let that go and stick to something you can afford easily that gets the job done and costs less overall. In many cases name brand detergents can even be made in the same facility as the store brand ones, so think about that for a minute.

  • Get in the habit of using less detergent in your laundry efforts. For the most part people usually fill the cup completely, while others don’t even bother with the cup and just pour it in. Keep in mind you need barely a quarter of a cup to get things done, so read the instructions for more detail. You’ll end up wasting less detergent and saving more money in the process.

  • Make sure you use powdered detergent as it will allow you to handle this cheaply. Liquid detergents are also less eco-friendly and they cost more. Powdered detergents can be just as useful and efficient as their liquid counterparts and you won’t have to worry about it at all.

  • You should also get in the habit of washing your clothes in cold water. This will allow you to save money on electricity. For the most part a huge amount of energy is wasted when you’re using the heater or washing clothes, so you can focus on higher efficiency laundry detergents so you can reap better benefits of using cold water instead of the usual approach. You can work on hot water cleaning with clothing items that have bacteria such as towels, socks and underwear.

  • You can focus on using a shorter washing cycle for the purposes of saving power and detergent. You can separate your clothes into different piles, doing laundry by groups rather than putting everything together. Save the longer cycle for clothes that are truly dirty and won’t be cleaned with the shorter cycle.

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