Top 5 Tips to Finding your Perfect Student Home

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If you have found your place in a university or college, then you need to organized yourself quickly, since you will likely be moving to a new town or city where you’ll start from scratch. Finding accommodation as a student can be a hassle, but you can do a lot better than you otherwise would if you consider a few things before you make your move. If you’re searching for accommodation or letting, then you can use the following tips to get the job done faster, easier and with less worry:

  1. There will usually be an accommodation officer in your university or college, who will take care of certain aspects of the task ahead. They can provide you with advice and if you can’t talk to them, then you can try to find someone in Student Services to help you out. Talk to them and you will have something to work with. The university will usually have a list of landlords and letting agents it works with, so they will have a chance to give you a hand when you need it.

  1. You can easily find more information on the notice board around campus , as it will often have advertising of lodgings, students looking for roommates or rented housing.

  1. If you are specifically interested in moving to an area in town, you should check local news sites and newspapers. They will have a good selection of choices, but you should keep in mind that students from all over town will be looking for the best deals on the market, so you will likely have to compete with them for anything out there. You would be wise to approach the housing as soon as possible and even before you arrive in town.

  1. When it comes down to the actual space we live in, different people have different needs according to their situation. Before you jump to looking for student accommodation, you should seriously consider your exact needs. You will need to think whether you want to have a home you can spend a quiet time in or a place to party. Independence versus comfort or sharing the burden with roommates is an important thing to think about.

  1. You can go directly to letting agents and check out what they have to offer. They are paid by landlords to find tenants for their properties for a small percentage. They will have a list of properties online as well, so you can check with them. On the other hand you can also check directly with private landlords, but this will mean a harder time finding them.

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