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If you can then it may already have occurred to you, but some people are not really aware of how it can be quite easy to travel on public transport with a surprising amount of stuff on them! Should you concerned as to how you are going to move to your student halls, then it is well worth looking over the following ideas about public transport as a method. It can be a cheap and simple option in terms of ensuring that you get there, but without the hassle of having to hire a van, drive all the way there, and then return it! Should you be of the type that feels like the don’t need to have that much stuff with them at halls, then you ma e a candidate for light travel and weighty savings, so have a look over the following points for a couple of clues as to how to do so.

First off, pack essentials only. You will need a great many books for our course, so a lot of your luggage will come in the form of those. Books are very heavy however, so if you can do your book and stationary shopping when you arrive, then it will all be a lot easier. The same goes for dinner ware, and cutlery, which should really be bought cheaply from a supermarket near your new halls, rather than lugged all the way there. You may well want to take your own bits of furniture like chairs and lights and perhaps a desk, but most halls will provide these things, and leave you with little space to put your own ones, especially if you are in a single room for your first year. It is often best to arrive there and assess the situation. You will be able to deal with the first term without your favorite chair, and sure enough you will be able to work out in that time as to whether you think it worth getting it up in the end or not.

With all of these things sorted after you have arrived, you can travel fairly light. A large bag full of clothes and books will be light enough to carry on a train or a coach, and you can even double up if you can get a lift to the station. Coach travel is extremely cheap and you will find that you can get a decent price for a ticket is you book well in advance. You can look online to find out how much they allow you to take on board in terms of baggage, but a couple of larger sport or duffel bags will likely be enough for your first terms in halls. You will find that the coach may well stop at a place fairly far from the halls themselves, so it is well worth considering your move from there to the place that you will be staying. Ring a few taxi companies in the area to ensure that you are able to get an affordable ride between those places before you book your ticket, as you may well fall into a surprisingly large taxi fee for your pains! If you are traveling on a train, be sure to keep your luggage in your sight at all times, as sometimes people may make off with your bag! Be sure to use bags that fit in to the overhead racks, as otherwise you may find yourself taking up loads of space on a packed train, which is not particularly comfortable. South West London movers can help you with your future move.

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