8 Tips for Students Studying Abroad in Sweden

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Before you head off to Sweden for further education, a few tips should come in handy. Sweden, another country proud of their academic excellence, has some of the world’s best Universities and top-ranked schools. Swedish higher education has been ranked top second in the world and first in relation to the GDP.Study Abroad Sweden

Other than being one of the world’s best locations for education, Sweden is known for its remarkable beauty and cultural diversity. It hosts the largest number of multinationals per capita in the world. With so many forests, national parks, beaches, hills, and snow-capped mountains,you’ll never get bored of thefun, adventure, and travel this destination has to offer.

But be warned, students! Don’t get too caught up with the “extra-curricular” in this country and forget your true purpose: Studies!

Here are a few tips and advices that would aid your stay in Sweden as an international student:

  1. Visa Applications: Make sure you check with your University before you apply, and whether or not they take responsibility for your Visa applications. Some student exchange programs, for example, require students to secure their own Visa and demonstrate the ability to blend in well with the culture and have the means (financial support) for the program. This is to ensure that you will be a productive student when you are there.
  2. Accommodation: Swedish Universities offer residency within the University which is far more convenient than other hotels and residency outside the University campus. Although the University dorms may be a little pricey, they are often student’s top choice because of traveling cost, convenience, and the presence of other students from the same University.

Accommodation on campus can be difficult to come across if you haven’t prepared and applied beforehand. This should be your first step!

  1. Fitting In: They say cultural shock is inevitable when you part from your host culture and arrive at a completely new one. However, most Swedish Universities conduct language and cultural orientation programs in the beginning. You should also be comforted by the fact that many students from all over the world are arriving at Swedish Universities. So, there is a high chance you will find someone who can relate to you and your culture.
  2. Currency: The Swedish krona is denoted by the symbols SEK. Swedish coins are called “öre”(and there is obviously 100öre in 1 krona), but they are discontinued. You will find the bank notes in 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 denominations. And,don’t worry because all universal bank credit and debit cards (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, etc.) are also accepted there.
  3. For Emergencies: The number for emergencies in Sweden is 112 and that includes the police, fire brigade, and medical services. Just in case!
  4. Transportation: Like most of the UK, Sweden is also big on public transportation. They are usually a student’s top choices for travel due to accessibility and low costs. Commuter trains, underground trains, buses, and trams are available to the public and cover many areas. You may also receive a student discount card for travel (depending on the city).
  5. Alcohol and Drugs: The legal drinking age is 18 in the bars and restaurants of Sweden. In Systembolaget, however, the age limit for beer beverage buying is 20. You might have to bring your student ID card or passport if you are under 25 before you make any purchase. Most stores do not allow the purchase without the proof. “Drugs” such as marijuana and hashish are illegal in Sweden and their illegal possession would lead to very severe punishments.
  6. Preservations Laws: Swedish are very sensitive about land preservation. You are allowed to engage in any adventurous activity so long as it doesn’t cause any damage to the environment. Once, you’re there you’ll know why this is so important!

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