Applying for a Scholarship: What do I need to know

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A scholarship is a financial aid given to a student to further education by a foundation, individual college or university, or brand (like Coca-Cola scholars foundation). It is not awarded just only because of financial needs, like grants.   It can be awarded if the student won it or has qualified for it, has special talents or characteristics. For example, in USA, it is easier to get free scholarships if you are the first person in your family who attend a University, New Zeland Universities give it preferably to the students of Māori Ancestry. There are always lots of students who need money to continue studies, so prepare to competition.

The most important

The most important you need to know – it is at what Colleges or Universities you want to study. Because the conditions, criteria, requirements and deadlines greatly. Search some of them you are most likely to be eligible for.

When to apply?

It depends on the academic year start dates. Every university has its own deadlines. It seems, that you have plenty of time, but you need to accomplish a very serious work. So don’t miss the deadline. Don’t try to apply in last few days.


Carefully choose the program you are eligible for. Some Universities provide International scholarships, other offer them only to locals. There are special programs for math or engineering students. They may base upon gender, religion or race, as well as upon exceptional academic or athletic skills.

All the necessary documents

Application process also may vary. Use online application form on the site of the particular Fund or College/University. Scholarship applications usually become the property of the University and are not to be returned.

1. Filled application form.

2. Scan of your ID or passeport.

3. Transcripts of your last school records. If you are applying for a Bachelor degree, it is high-school certificates, and Bachelor credentials in case of Master course. The transcripts should have your local school official signature and stamp.

4. Language Certificate.

Often you need also English Language certificates: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge

It can be as well DELE for Spanish, DELF or DALF for French, DSH,OSD,TestDaF for German

5.Letters of recommendation (work/academic)002

You should be very good at the subject and be on good terms with the teacher to ask him for an academic recommendation letter. You may be asked to provide his or her email contact. Sometimes you will need also non-academic recommendation.

6. Many free scholarships are delivered only the student with the financial need and they require special forms to prove you really need it, for example, FAFSA.

7. Curriculum Vitae or Resume

8. Statement of purpose/Motivation letter

9. Often, the essay, portfolio or completed project is requested.

You can find application for scholarship sample online. But be careful and make it outstanding to draw attention to you as a candidate. Be sure to avoid all the mistakes and misprints in your application form, essay and other documents. Remember, that they are essential and your ability to get funds to continue education depends on them. If you doubt that can accomplish these important documents by yourself, try the best custom writing service.

Simple tips for success

  • Write and send only the necessary things, nothing else. Don’t exceed the word limits of the papers you send. Send only required documents and nothing more. No club involvement lists or sports achievements, if they are not required.

  • Write honestly. Don’t lie about your grades and skills. Just apply for the program you are eligible.

  • Make a copy of the application before sending.

Interesting facts and examples

There are partially and fully funded scholarships. Not many colleges give a full ride to pay for tuition, room, textbooks, and fees.

Sometimes, you can not apply yourself, like in case with The Carson Scholars Fund. Here you should be nominated by a teacher at your school. There are the programs like Dell scholars program for the students who had overcame significant challenges to get education, that is concentrated not on academic degrees, but more on ambition and motication.

Some programs are awarded for quite interesting achievements, activities and qualifications.

Dr Pepper provides over $1,000,000 for the students to reach their greatest goals.

The Power To The Period project gives opportunity to be eligible for a $5,000 program.

There’s even a Pokemon Scholarship Program, called Play!

Make it with Wool Scholarship provides a chance to win $2000 for making creative piece from wool.

The Horror Writer’s association offers Dark Poetry Scholarship to inspire students to write spooky horror/dark poetry.

Now you know how to get free scholarship and we wish you luck! Also, once you get you free education, you may be interested in the tips to save money in college!

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