How to Boost Productivity While Studying Abroad

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Your experience of studying abroad is bound to be a bit difficult. In addition to the cultural differences and learning a new language, you’ll also likely feel isolated and lonely, which can cause you to miss your home. Now that you’re here, it’s time to make the most of the opportunity that living in a different country offers. By staying productive, you can complete your course studies and turn your time into something that creates great memories and a part of your life that will never be forgotten. Use these tips and you’ll have nothing but fond feelings for your experience as a student studying abroad.

Organize a To Do List Every Day

One of the best ways to stay on track with your education is to make a daily to do list. If you plan for what tasks you plan to tackle each day, you’ll have something that will keep you focused on what needs to be done for school. Crossing items off your list will motivate you to keep going and is a great way to ensure that you finish everything that needs to be done on a daily basis. Each night before you go to bed, jot down what you want to get done the next day and when you get up in the morning, you can hit the ground running.

Make Time for Exercise

Research proves that staying active improves mood and boosts energy so it makes sense to build time into your schedule to exercise, even if you are studying abroad. The options for a workout might differ from those you can find at home, but you can certainly walk as often as possible, go for a bike ride or keep weights and resistance bands in your dorm room or apartment. When you get your blood flowing, it wakes up your body and mind so you are better able to stay productive and happy in a different country. Another great idea is to stretch when you get out of bed in the morning, which is a great way to start the day off right.

Be Realistic

It’s easy to overestimate what you can get done, but going full force for too long can backfire because you’ll find yourself burnt out and jaded with the schedule you set for yourself. Instead, make realistic study goals that you know you can stick with. Things will always happen to throw off your plans, but if you create a schedule that is doable on a normal day, you’ll be much more successful and productive when it comes to getting your schoolwork done.

Avoid Multitasking

Many people make the mistake of trying to do several things at one time in an attempt to power through their to do list more quickly. Research shows that the opposite is true. In fact, multitasking keeps you from focusing completely on any one task, which can actually slow you down and make all of your jobs take longer. Whether you’re trying to practice a new language, you’re doing schoolwork, or you’re exploring your new temporary home, do one thing at a time and you’ll be much more productive and will cut your stress levels dramatically.

Take Advantage of Volunteer Opportunities

When you’re studying abroad, taking part in volunteer opportunities helps you be as productive as possible in a variety of ways. The work helps you create a more diverse set of skills, which can enhance your resume. In addition, you get the chance to practice the language and add to the knowledge and experience that you’re getting through your study abroad program.

Choose Relevant Courses

Studying abroad has many advantages, but one of them is furthering your education in the field of study in which you are pursuing your degree. When you choose the courses you’re going to take, select those that are relevant to what you were studying back home. For example, if you are a theater major, take a course on foreign cinema. If you are a business major, take a class that teaches you foreign business policy. That way you are staying productive in terms of your education, even if you are far from home.

Staying productive at home can be a hard enough task, but doing so in a foreign country is even more difficult. By making some simple changes to your daily routine, you can enjoy your time abroad, while optimizing the benefits you get while you’re there. Other ways to stay productive include taking a break to recharge, calling home to stay connected with friends and family, learning the language and making friends with the locals.

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