4 Online Tools to improve your performance as Social Media

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Whatever it is to manage, it is synonymous with time spent, a lot of time spent, so it is advisable to join the mountain before getting involved with the administration proper, in this case, we bring you four tools that have moistened us to be a “better “Social media, in the form of web app, that will improve your performance as Social Media.


How many times has it happened to you that you have followed users on Twitter but after a while it becomes a heavier task to do profile cleaning you want to do unfollow for various reasons, it happens to us quite often, and is that Cleaning is never easy, for this they have created Untweeps, a tool with which you can mark a period of time, in which the account is unpublished, and make a pertinent unfollow bye bye forever alone.

When you want to do cleaning, a criterion, perhaps the first for many, is to see if they follow you, and if they do not, or have stopped doing it, and the account does not fit you, send it to the limbo of 2.0, but maybe This is a much better criterion, the accounts that have stopped having activity.

The system can not be simpler, as always,Twitter will ask permissions for that application can consult your profile, and previously you will indicate a period of time, in which you consider that if you have not published in that time, much interest you do not have in Follow it, for example, we believe that 90 days, is enough to do a clean, and thinks that the free version has a limit of use times, so a wide range helps you to better define the objective.

After searching your profile, you will see a list of profiles that meet the criteria, will mark you when it was your last Tweet (here you will be flipped in some cases) and allows you to directly select the profiles, and do the unfollow without leaving there and Without contemplations.

An extremely useful tool to keep your profile well cleaned, especially for those who suffer the pathology of the ratio followers followed, that is why they say.

The free version allows you 3 searches a month, which is certainly more than enough unless you are all a killer and want to do reviews continuously. The premium version allows multiple accounts, and multiple scans, so it’s a pro version of the real ones, because for normal use, the free one complies.

Finally, you have the option to put the accounts that you want in what they call White List, with which, those accounts that interest you, but do not publish very often, puts them in that list, and will not go on future scans.

To give you an idea, the first time we executed, 156 accounts fell, especially accounts that had been unpublished for more than 1 year.

That said, IFTTT, as that will not tell you much, but if I tell you that is the acronym of If This Then That, or what is the same in Castilian, if this then that, is a very powerful tool to automate actions.

With this web app, you can link different applications, so that they execute automated actions when fulfilling a series of requirements previously defined by the user, that is IFTTT.

It allows for no less than 231 application services, some as well known as Gmail, Evernote, Facebook (both profile and pages), Twitter, Pocket, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Buffer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Pinterest… in addition to domotic applications The Fitness…

And then of course, you have all that authentic Swiss razor that to any social media or intensive user of the internet and social networks, would have caused an orgasm a couple of years ago, with which to play Newton’s third law of Social Media, Or what is the same, action-reaction.

For example, you can program certain e-mail messages that come to gmail, become Evernote notes, and even attachments to attach to that note, or you want to know where performance goes, define areas with the help of GPS, and you will create a worksheet in Drive that will tell you how much time you spend in each area. Or pinea each photo that you upload to Instagram to a board that determines. You can also send an email or sms automatically when, for example, you stop being at the office, thanks to the possibility of defining areas next to the GPS.

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