7 Tips for Students Apply to Study Abroad

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Students who wish to study abroad must be clear in mind about the pros and cons of studying abroad.  It is not an easy job to go to an alien country and get settled there. The intended study program should be clear in student’s minds and then he/she must look around for the best universities offering that program. Intelligent students are quite clear about their professional and future goals and thus opt for courses and universities best suited for their interests. Some of the tips can prove beneficial for students who are intending to study abroad, which are described here.


  1. Research on Foreign Universities/QS Ranking

First of all, the student must check the QS ranking of foreign universities and top rated universities should be noted down. After checking the intending course details available on universities websites, criteria to get admission should be assessed and then make the final decision.

  1. Extraordinary CV(Curriculum Vitae) & PS(Personal Statement)

Students must make their CVs and PSs prudently. The extraordinary CVs and PSs stand out in the crowd and are preferred by the foreign universities. The experiences and course modules studied in past are highlighted with grades and percentages. Also future ambitions and selection of the particular program and university must be clearly explained.

  1. Documents, Passports and Funds

Passports, statements and all the documents needed for travelling should be prepared beforehand. The funds should be calculated and arranged in order to avoid any hassle in foreign country.

  1. Feasible Accommodations & Clothing

Feasible accommodations should be checked out and contacted soon after getting the admission call from the desired university. Distance from university and rents should be checked out. Clothes should be bought in accordance with the foreign country’s weather.

  1. Knowledge about the Laws, Cultures and Norms

All countries have different rules and regulations and student must search out the laws, cultures and norms of the country where he/she is going for studies. This knowledge will make student adjusted in the relative culture and norms.

  1. Extra Luggage must be Avoided

Only necessary things should be packed and avoid so much clothes, shoes and unnecessary stuff. Course books should be bought and packed.

  1. Visa & Ticket

Students should apply for student visa three months before by keeping in mind the deadlines of application submission and must apply for ticket when he/she is granted visa for the said country.

These were the seven tips and tricks for students applying for studying abroad. The students must bear in mind that it is a laborious procedure so documents should be prepared beforehand in order to avoid any inconvenience in future. A clear and goal oriented vision is a must thing. Students must know about the essential details of the said university and department where he/she intend to seek admission and keep on visiting the website of the intended university for admission related information and updates and must start the admission process as soon as the admission is open for new batch.

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