Job Interviews: How to Talk About Your Weaknesses

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Find out how to respond to perhaps one of the most captious and difficult questions in job interviews

It is a question that generates nervousness, anxiety and insecurity to anyone facing a job interview. Unless you have prepared the answer in advance, of course. In this note we help you decide what weaknesses you can reveal and how to do it.

According to the book ” How to Answer The 64 Toughest Interview Questions “, this is a very useful question for recruiters when shortening the list of possible candidates for the position, since it allows to obtain clear data about the character, The virtues and weaknesses of those concerned.

There are different strategies you can use to answer that question:

Strategy 1: Disguise “weakness” of a fortress

“I’m too perfectionist, obsessed with the details and sometimes that prevents me from generating a good balance between my personal life and work life.” Or, “I usually demand too much from others, I like to work with agility but this attitude can contrast with that of other team members.”

Although definitely better than admitting a personal flaw, this strategy is so widely used that it may be unbelievable.

Strategy 2: Mention a weakness that became strength

As advised by some experts, a recommended strategy is to mention an earlier experience that allowed you to turn a weakness into a strength. For example: “I used to struggle to attend meetings, but once I was mentioned this weakness I managed to completely reverse this situation.” Another possible example is: “In my studies it was difficult for me to be organized and prepare the work in advance, but once I started working, I became aware of the importance of the organization and developed strategies that allowed me to be free of this defect.”

Strategy 3: Respond that you have no weakness that could interfere with the position

This is the strategy recommended by the aforementioned. To answer well, first, you must have done a thorough investigation of the expectations and requirements for the post in question. When talking about your weaknesses, you should assure the interviewer that there is no weakness that can interfere with your ability to perform the tasks to perfection.

This is the example that is considered as “best answer”: “Although nobody is perfect, I think based on the job description, my professional profile is the right one. Both my professional experience and my personal motivation reflect that I have the disposition and capacity to carry out the position with a level of excellence. “

A second option for this response is also raised in the book. In case you do not know enough about the position, you can, instead of confessing a defect, talking about what you like and what you do not like, making sure that what you like is aligned with the most important quality to occupy The position with success and what you do not like is completely accessory. ” For example, if it is a sales job: “If I can choose, I prefer to be in direct contact with the client and not doing paperwork at the office, but I know the importance of administrative work and I can do it perfectly. But my true passion lies in sales. “

Whatever strategy you use, remember that you should never talk about a personal weakness, for example “I find it hard to wake up in the morning” or “I’m addicted to chocolate.” Always choose a “defect” related to working life.

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