What you should know about security and passwords, dismantling the myth

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Computer science began around 1981, and more than 30 years later we have achieved that users use passwords difficult to memorize for themselves, and very easy to describe by a computer.

Taking advantage of the fuss that has generated these days called CelebGate or The Fapping, and if you are still one of the few who has not heard the subject I invite you to do a simple search on it.

In short, the icloud account of approximately, that is known, 100 American celebrities, have been compromised and removed from them a large volume of photos and videos that at best was little clothing… so Apple took only a few 40 hours in sending a statement in which it asserted that it had not taken advantage of any exploit or fault of code to violate those accounts, blaming to an unsecured passwords of the famous like cause. The truth is that through the Image Board in the upper part of DeepWeb, 4chan, began a hacker to filter the images, and since then we have witnessed one of the milestones on the internet.

method used was the one of Brute Force, consisting of attacking a target through a dictionary and to elaborate combinatorial until decipher the password, we are recognizing that somehow The iCloud system did not have a minimal and useful functionality that would prevent an attacker from performing such an attack for days. I certainly miss, since Google for example has implemented good measures in this respect, and even the 5in5 of IBM anticipate systems that detect among others, irregular actions, to think that Icloud did not control this seems irrational.

Brute Force attacks, along with DoS attacks, are the simplest to execute and the most common, since it starts from a known scenario, the machine to attack, the Log on prompt, for example, Or the IP of the machine. For this, a dictionary attack is used, which is not that a Hacker catches the Espasa Calpe page by page, but uses one of those mythical applications such as John the Ripper or Cain.

But what is a secure password? Dismantling the myth

It would have to define the type of attack, because if it is a human attack, that is, someone putting your birthday date, the name of your pet, logic rules, which in a brute force attack is the mathematics of The combinatorial.

You might think that a password type 8T4f $ s is a secure password, after all you can hardly remember it, you do not know if it was, if it was a $ s or s s or a Ss…

For this it is important to define a concept, the entropy bits, is known as entropy, a measure of uncertainty about the source of information, ie in this case the characters of the Password, and used to know the amount of information it has A symbol used, the less likely symbols contain more information, in other words, the phrase that “child ” is a more common word than a child, so it has more entropy.

8T4f $ s has an entropy of 26 bits, 2 raised to 26, 2 by binary code of 0-1, gives us a computer by brute force doing 1000 combinations per second, it would take less than 1 day to decrypt our password.

Now we use 3 words, pausacreativamola, which in addition is really easy to remember and has an entropy of 62, in the same previous case leads us that the same machine would take 146 million years to decrypt it, I do not know you, but I think That I will not live so long.

It has to see different factors, but a password of the type Escr1t0r2 $ with an entropy of about 36, would be deciphered in 2 years approximately, and as you see is still complicated to guess, now that much interest would have to have in you, but hey, we are Speaking of computing capacity, if we get a computer that is able to quadruple its speed, in just 6 months we would have access, when in the example of creative break, even those we speak of 36 million years.

Until those quantum computers come out on which IBM works, as you can see, it is much safer to use a simple password to remember with good entropy.

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