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If you need some tips to learn English easily at home, here you can find some useful and effective tips-Sometimes you learn English as if it were Latin, like a dead language.

And do not take full advantage of learning a majority language in the world that can open a lot of doors.

This process can be very easy and enjoyable with outstanding goals whatever the activity that catches your attention.

You have to find something that really fascinates you in life and introduce the English little by little.

If you like football, do not start reading “Mark Twain!” First. But you could look for English league summaries or football matches live through Sky sports.

If you like cars, watch Top Gear in the original version or online and look for rallies or formula 1 in English.

And if you like, for example, fashion, look for the latest news or what is cooked in the most sophisticated spheres of the United States.

For more content? Find the Canadian FASHION magazine, with the latest trends and that will take the next season in the capitals.

Search and read about the newest designers and see reports on the consecrated ones and their biographies.

The key is to dedicate part of your free time to look, read and listen in English something you like, that motivates you!

Since if you really do not like what you learn, we will not go anywhere.

In other words, do not make a book in English read to someone who just does not like to read.

And while it is in English, everything is allowed.

My recipe: homework and lessons aside.

Ten minutes of radio a day and audiovisuals only in VO.

Humans are animals of habits and if we implant our habits, then we will follow them naturally and without effort.

Find something you like to learn English

You can not say you do not like reading! Because it will play reading. However, perhaps what you wanted to say is that you have not yet found what you like to read.

Try on comics, magazines, blogs, sports newspapers and small stories, which are also reading, and from there you will see.

The menu of mobile or computer, email, facebook, twitter, instagram or video games once we are familiar with how they work, we can put them in English.

Do not stop reading: Tips for recycling.

Not only will we get used to it naturally, but we will also get news and publicity that we have never seen before.

Choose 50 words and start using them with the people around you – and then slowly begin with the grammar.

Persistence. What separates the best students from the rest is persistence. Find a daily habit that you can maintain even when you are tired, sick or madly in love.

Enter the language inside the house: label the household objects with the new language, read children’s books, watch the TED with subtitles, or explain each day to an imaginary foreign friend as the day has gone.

Use the hobbies you already have. If you like photography, take a course, but do it in English. If you enjoy cooking, learn the recipes in English. If you are a lover of maps, look only in English.

Make friends. Look for native speakers who speak the language you want. In your neighborhood, or online.

Speak without fear. You’ll make mistakes, but that should not stop you.

And apart from all this, obviously overseas trips or exchanges of students can give insight into the difference that can make a language.

You do not learn English by watching the original TV. Or at least, it is very likely that this will not happen if you have just started learning English.

However, English learners can take advantage of the internet.

The DUAL or DVD to hear the sound of real English in a real context and from there, looking at our favorite series, movies or English programs, eventually and gradually will stick the accent.

Maybe you are interested: Tips to read better.

We will incorporate the musicality of the language and our speech will be more authentic if we make the effort.

Some teenagers surprisingly start to speak English with a more correct North American accent, without ever having been abroad.

And it turns out that they have swallowed six whole seasons (six!) Of their favorite series, listening to the same actors because they love it, and they did it in English for being the first of the class to see it and not wanting to wait for the dubbed version.

And that in the end evidently, it carries some result. After hours and more hours of exposure to the language, at the end ends up leaving.


The same actor speaks with different accents depending on the movie he makes.

And with the dubbing is the same person who puts voice to different actors, are things that we lost.

If we do not want to renounce dubbing for cultural or cinematographic reasons, we can limit ourselves to linguistic motives.

Do you want to feel real English? Just put the radio on!

With the little ones you can do the test of listening to the TV (or the stories) in a new language like you do not want, or say – ‘On TV speak like that!’ – And leave the original version forever.

To children starting from the middle cycle we can put the TV in VO without remorse. At first they will complain because yes and because the subtitles go very fast.

Tips for learning English with series and movies

Definitely and at the latest, from Bachillerato, should look at audiovisual content in English with subtitles in Spanish.

If we continue with English, there will come a time when we should always put subtitles in English.

If we pass this level or we want to go ahead, touch the subtitles!

Surely we will lose some content, especially at the beginning, but it is the only way to get rid of the tendency to read.

When we do not miss them, we will have reached the top! And yes, no one has said it will be easy. Still, we’re talking about looking at a scene or a movie twice, eh? It’s no drama.

Do you want to learn English while watching TV? Documentaries are the option.

Planet Earth from the BBC – read the narrator’s leisurely speaking as he discovers this wonderful world we live in. You will find them all on the Ororo website!

It is clear that we should offer young people the opportunity to listen to other languages and especially the smaller ones, than to take full advantage of this sponge effect they have.

The original version is so accessible and easy, and gives such spectacular results, that it is well worth thinking for a while why we do not.

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