Want to study overseas? 5 suggestions to get your parents on board

| 21/06/2017 | 13 Comments

How do you convince the parents to let you go study abroad? Whether you’re in high-school and would like to go get a degree in France, or you’d like a Master’s somewhere in the US, it’s tough to make the parents understand that you can make it on your own. You don’t just need their approval; you also need their blessing (and their money). Although you are thinking of getting a job as soon as you arrive at your destination, you still need time to get to know the place and the people. Here are 5 suggestions to get your parents on board.

1. Tell them you’ll get a job

If you tell your parents that studying abroad will eventually get you the best of jobs, they might agree to let you go. You can even work and travel if you want; while at the same time getting your degree. Most programs for students don’t last more than a year. Before they know it, you’ll be back home and you’ll be ready to chase your dream job.

2. Inform your parents about the benefits of academic support

There are lots of advantages to studying abroad. Foreign students are offered academic support throughout the duration of their internship. It’s ok if you don’t know French, for example. You will be allowed to take French classes for free. This is a unique opportunity to learn a second language, and your parents will understand that. The future is bright, and a foreign degree is highly appreciated when interviewing for a job.

3. Life-changing experience

Studying overseas is a life-changing experience; and it’s up to you to make your parents understand the benefits. Have a conversation with them emphasizing the benefits – the biggest is that your horizons are broadened. You will meet new people, build connections and friendships, and perceive the world from a whole new angle. Open-minded parents give their children freedom to experiments life-altering experiences; studying abroad is just one of many opportunities you’ll have in life.