The Ultimate Guide to Picking Good Housemates

| 26/07/2017 | 14 Comments

After tirelessly applying to multiple colleges and waiting for response letters patiently, you finally secure in one of the school. You may have thought that all the tough choices were over. Unfortunately, there is a lot to encounter, and admission is just the beginning.

But the good news is, most of the choices you’ll have to make in the next few years will be enjoyable including when to do your homework, where to live when to eat, and so on. But there is one important thing you need to figure out. Who you’re going to live with. This can be quite tricky.

Living with a person you don’t know can have a negative impact in your life, so you need to take the time to choose the right person. Here are few things you should consider on the hunt for a good housemate.

  • Inspect how they live now

Unless you have spent a while with someone new, their history can be a little bit iffy. You can perform a background check on them to get to know the character of the person you’re living with.

Similarly, find out how they live. If you decide to apply for the Leaving Learning Community (LLC), then your roommate should be part of it too. If you settle for this case, being randomly paired with someone new who is also in the LLC program can be a good option. In some campuses, you may find other themed housing options including co-ed housing, suites, apartment-style housing, quad-dorms, doubles, and triples. And the list is long. But when you choose a roomie, make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to where and how to live.

  • Hang a night out with them

Don’t agree to move in without meeting up with the person first. You want to be sure that they have a good chemistry and the person is not unfriendly. Arrange to meet up or hang a night out with them and talk about your expectations for things like bills, chores, and so on.

Talk about your lifestyle and ask about your roommate’s lifestyle. Sometimes you will find roommates who’re not compatible. Ask about the other person’s living habits. Make sure you have a similar lifestyle so that you won’t encounter a lot of problems.

Also, get to learn about the person’s cleaning habits. Daily chores are a common reason why roommates fight. So, get to know the cleaning habits of your roommate and confess to your own too. By the time you’re through, you should be able to know whether it’s the right person to move in with or not.

  • Open up to them

Getting a person who can communicate well is important when looking for a roommate. Remember, you and your roommate are responsible for everything that happens in your apartment or dorm. No one else will come and clean up your room or pay bills for you. So to avoid any misunderstanding, you need to get a roomie who will be open enough to communicate to you. Don’t be afraid to confirm any information given by your roommate.

You can also share your interests with your roomie. Although it may not be considered so much essential, it can help know each other better and have something to talk about. Two roommates who enjoy playing studying can offer homework help to each and even learn other new things.

  • Don’t miss out on the red flags

Make sure you pay attention to the little details. If you have a bad feeling about someone when you’ve just met them, don’t ignore it. That feeling will not go away at once. Look and listen carefully for tip-offs on how the other person lives. If you happen to be at their place, are there dirty dishes all over? A lot of beer cans in the trash? These things may be a sign that the person is not right for you and chances are that these habits will get worse with time. So don’t ignore the red flags.


Choosing a good roommate can be a little bit stressful. Sometimes it can feel like a big decision you have to make when you join the school. But don’t worry, if you find you have a different lifestyle from your first roomie, you can always move. So, have fun with it, but most of all confirm the above facts before making a decision to have a roommate.

Kira Carr is wedded to her job as a freelance writer and blogger at homeworkhelpdesk. She creates many amazing posts regarding helpful techniques & strategies for college students. This girl is a translator by education. She goes mad of reading American modern literature.

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