How to Write a Unique Study Abroad Essay

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Going abroad to study is like a dream come true to many of us. However, in order to achieve this dream, you have to work hard first, coming up with the catchy and unique essay.

Such essays are often an obligatory part of the whole foreign college application process. Sure, your grades and academic successes still matter but when it comes to choosing between you and the other talented candidates it’s your motivation and personality that matters more. That’s why creating a compelling study abroad essay is so important.

That’s why it’s so stressful too. When you know that your future and your study abroad perspectives depend on your writing a lot, the process of crafting a nice essay can become very challenging. That’s why today we want to offer you some writing essay tips that will make this easier.

1. Start with a brainstorm.

You might have a specific topic to write on or not have any but you still need to know what you’re going to write about. If you have a topic, make sure to read it thoroughly a couple of times. You have to be 100 percent sure that you understand what this topic is about – and, despite how obvious this tip sounds, it’s really important. There are plenty of students who misinterpret the topics given to them, so make sure you’re not one of them.

After that, start brainstorming. If you have a topic, try to think of what you can write on it already. If you don’t have one, try to come up with ideas on how to impress the admission board.

This is harder than it seems as you have to meet the word limit and the deadline too, but still, don’t rush. Take some time brainstorming and writing down every idea you find decent. Then filter them, casting aside the ones that don’t look impressive enough. Then move on to the next stage of your writing.

2. Remember about the structure.

All essays have one clear structure:

– Introduction;

– Statement 1;

– Statement 2;

– Statement 3;

– Conclusion.

While the number of statements does differ a lot depending on a topic and your goals, the rest of the structure always remains the same. Be sure to follow this structure in your writing so your essay would look complete.

Make an outline keeping this structure in mind. You can make it brief or detailed – either way is fine as long as it’s convenient to you. Remember that the first sentence of an introduction has to be catchy yet not a cliché. The last one has to contain a thesis. All statements you’re going to make have to be supported with facts, and it’s better to briefly describe these facts in outline. The conclusion has to summarize everything up without actually repeating what you’ve already written.

Keep this in mind while you write an outline. Once it finished, re-read it and see whether it’s good enough or not. This will help you organize your writing better, decide which statements you’re going to use, and how it’s better to structure them logically.

3. Think of an impression you’re trying to make.

As you know, the admission board will be looking for your personality, for a person behind the writing. Who is this person? A diligent student, an adventurous traveller, an ambitious young person willing to use every opportunity they stumble upon?

In order to make a certain impression, you have to know what this impression would be like. Try to describe yourself in a couple of sentences than think of the ways you can show that you are such person with the help of your writing.

4. Goals matter a lot.

There are plenty of students who spend most of their essay focusing on how they are passionate about the abroad program and so on. While passion is a good thing, it won’t help you become accepted into the program. What the admission board actually wants to know is why you want to join this program.

You need to have very specific goals and to state them clearly to show the admission board that you do have ambitions and know what to do with the given opportunity. Try describing these goals in your essay as accurately as possible.

5. Don’t forget about the details.

Personal writing shows the person behind the words – we know that. But how exactly does it happen?

One of the best ways to craft a compelling unique essay with the distinct personal approach is to pay attention to the details. This means you have to not simply list the things that affected your decision to apply for a program or describe your goals – you have to make everything look as vivid as possible. Tell the admission board about your thoughts and impressions. Don’t be afraid to joke a bit (though be careful not to overdo here). Make it not simply a story, but your own story.

Once you’ve done writing, make sure you polish your essay well. Proofread it, ask someone else for their opinion, eliminate all logical flaws, and so on. Submit it when you’re finally satisfied with the result and stop thinking about it until you get your reply.

While the last part might seem the most challenging, it’s important to try clearing your head up a bit once you’re done with the writing. Tell yourself that you did your best and wait for the result without stressing yourself too much.

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