Who is writing here?

I am Gabor. I am co-founder of Milestone Education Advisor. Originally from Hungary where I worked in IT related jobs. I lived and worked 5 years in the UK where I have done my Master degree.  I would like to share my experiences about study / live in UK as I have first hand personal experiences and I know lot of future student looking for information.  The posts about cultural differences, food, fun, surviving tricks, courses, study tips and  anything else related. When I was searching through study abroad sites and blogs I did not really find much where they  share real experiences rather than student parties or they try sell something.  Hopefully  this blog will  give another angle for this subject because after I done my studies and  started my business  as education advisor/consultant. At the moment I am living in Thailand where I am constantly in touch with Thai students want to study abroad.  So I see both side now and I know what students looking for, what are the main concerns. I have been there too.

In my free time I write this blog or read books, meditate and try to explore my mind. I love to travel and I take all the chances  to see new places and meet interesting people. From my IT background I am a big Linux and Ubuntu fan.  Also try to keep up with other open source projects like Android and such. I use social media heavily my personal account is @gabber78 , this blog twitter updates available here and also you can keep up with other study abroad news on the Milestone Education Advisor twitter page.

Every interesting story, related guest article and comments are welcome!

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